These days, many people in the world know the Japanese word hanami. Hanami originally refers to a picnic under sakura (cherry blossoms). People can enjoy beautiful sakura over talking, eating and drinking. For some people, hanami season is a good excuse for drinking sake, and they enjoy drinking sake during this season even without appreciating sakura.

Soei has a hanami party every year to cultivate personal exchanges among all the staff.  This year, we had a hanami party at Happoen, one of the best banquet halls for hanami, which has a very beautiful sakura garden.

sakura1 sakura2 sakura3

Because we celebrate our 30th anniversary this year, this hanami party was special.  We decided that main theme this year would be omotenashi toward the administrative staff by legal practitioners, that is, the legal practitioners acted as hosts to the administrative staff in recognition of their professional support every day.

Some of the legal practitioners were dressed as bartenders and Japanese chefs, and served beer, sake, wine, cocktails and non-alcoholic beverages to the administrative staff to show their gratitude.

terashita-nagaoka sake-master kurokawa

One of the legal practitioners, who has an experience as real bartender, did a great job to produce an original Soei cocktail.  It may be patented in the future.

shake cacktail

Further, another legal practitioner, who is a master of tea ceremony, served tea in the garden.  We could enjoy a fantastic tea party under the beautiful sakura at night.

tea-osaka tea-ceremony

I hope we legal practitioners provided excellent service to the administrative staff, and that this contributes to better and better team work in the future.