I would like to introduce my favorite sake bar, “Yougaku Ishii”.
This bar is located in Shinbashi. Going out the ticket gate of Shinbashi station, walking across the so-called SL square (see picture) and along a street lined with tons of drinking bars and karaoke rooms (see picture), it takes no more than five minutes to reach the bar.

In this bar, we can enjoy a wide variety of sake, delicious food and 80’s Western rock music. The owner of the bar, Mr. Ishii (see picture), is very interesting person who has a great knowledge of sake. Once we tell him our preferred flavor and bouquet, he can select sake that best matches our preferences. We always enjoy asking him to select sake by requesting “a fruity sake like a white Chardonnay wine”, “a very dry sake”, and so on. He always says “I see”, and successfully meets our request. After drinking some glasses of sake, the images we use for our requests become more complex, but he always says “I see”, and serves the sake which best fits that image. In addition to good food and sake, we always enjoy communicating with him.

Finally, I would like to include some pictures of some of the sake and food which were served in the bar. Although all the sake and food is delicious, I recommend the assorted sashimi. It always includes a wide variety of fresh pieces of seasonal fish. Another recommendation is assorted smoked foods, such as egg, chicken, cheese and cod roe. This is the best match with sake. As for the sake itself, I like to order three or four different kinds and compare their tastes. This enables us to understand fully that each sake has a different taste.

If you have a chance to visit Tokyo, I strongly recommend you go to this bar.

Yougaku Ishii website (Japanese only)