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July 13, 2009 5:15 PM

When you are planning a trip to Japan, we think most people enjoy thinking about which restaurant to visit. There are many fine restaurants in Tokyo; in addition to Japanese, French and Chinese, you can have almost any kind of cuisine in Tokyo.

But if you are in Japan on a business trip, you may find that you do not always have enough time for a meal in a restaurant. For people in a rush, there are useful and enjoyable shops inside the station called "EKINAKA." (EKI means "station" and NAKA means "inside.") These shops inside the station, allow you to have a nice meal even in the short time between trains.

In addition, EKINAKA shops also sell many kinds of lunch boxes. You can buy your favorite lunch before you board the Shinkansen bullet train for a two to three hour trip and enjoy it at your seat while watching the scenery fly by. In fact, you can spend more time shopping in the EKINAKA because there is so much variety in the shops that you cannot decide on only one thing.

EKINAKA are popular nowadays. In the Tokyo area, you can visit them in about 10 stations like Tokyo, Shinagawa, Ikebukuro, Ueno, and Omotesando. The one in Tokyo station, called named "GRANSTA" (short for Grand Station) is a big one. Amazingly, it has 47 shops, and over a half of them are only there, with no other location, which makes the inside of the station a sightseeing spot in itself. According to a GRANSTA press release, the most popular food choices in the Tokyo station EKINAKA are Gyuniku Bento (Beef Sukiyaki Box) from Asakusa Imahan, Hirekatsu to Tamago no Pocket Sandwich (Pork Fillet Cutlet and Egg Pocket-Sized-Sandwich) from Tonkatsu Maisen and Kaisen don (Seafood (Sashimi) Bowl) from Tsukiji Takewaka.

Although there are a lot of new shops in GRANSTA, the most popular, Asakusa Imahan, is a famous, long-established sukiyaki restaurant. Just by going to Tokyo Station, you can enjoy fine restaurants! Since GRANSTA in Tokyo station is only a 10-minute walk from our office, how about enjoying a small but great place in the station? We would enjoy taking you there when you get a chance to visit to our Tokyo office.

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