Satisfaction for All our Clients-Japan and Abroad

Generally, two types of firms represent foreign clients before the Japan Patent Office: firms that mainly represent foreign clients and have only a small number of domestic clients, and firms that represent both foreign and domestic clients. Firms that principally represent foreign clients before the JPO are mainly long-established, larger firms. SOEI, on the other hand, is a young firm that has grown rapidly in working both domestic and international applications for our Japanese clients along with representing the interests of foreign clients in Japan. As a result of representing such a wide base of clients, we have accumulated much valuable experience and know-how that better enables us to assist all our types of clients to achieve their intellectual property goals.

Domestic Client Service Group -Patent

SOEI has acquired valuable experience providing advice on intellectual property strategies to major Japanese multinational corporations and cutting-edge businesses. Our success in filing and prosecuting their applications has further enhanced our reputation as a patent and law firm that combines superior services with a thorough understanding of technology.

Domestic Client Service Group -Design

When new systems are introduced into Japanese intellectual property practice, SOEI works swiftly to discover new opportunities as well as any pitfalls. We then advise our clients on how to take advantage of new systems such as the partial design system and the associated design system.

Domestic Client Service Group -Trademark

In Japanese practice, trademark rights arise from registration (Registration Principle). However, a comprehensive search and careful analysis of the results before filing a new application for a trademark or services mark are essential first steps to obtaining a registration quickly and efficiently.

Representing many clients in high tech industries, as well as assisting a large advertising agency develop trademarks for its clients, has made our investigative skills and abilities to evaluate the availability of a proposed mark among the best in Japan, and has given us extensive experience in the international classification of goods.


Our foreign clients are able to benefit from our experience working a stable balance of both domestic and international cases.

Initially, before assigning members of our staff to the International Client Services Group, we have them first gain experience in the Domestic Client Services Group. Only after they have broad experience serving our Japanese clients and are able to provide them with high quality services do we allow them to begin work with the International Client Services Group.

Secondly, the members of the International Client Services Group are able to rely on the cooperation of our Domestic Client Services Group to advise them on the latest intellectual property strategies adopted by Japanese corporations in response to ongoing developments in Japanese intellectual property practice.

Due to our ability to provide professional services to our foreign clients based on the experience and strategic thinking of local corporations actively involved in the day-to-day developments of the Japanese intellectual property practice, we are able to provide guidance and services superior to that of firms that primarily represent foreign clients seeking to localize their worldwide intellectual property position.

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