Support for Intellectual Property and Legal Strategies

We strive to satisfy our clients by supporting their intellectual property and legal strategies and by constantly improving our capabilities in all areas.

  1. Comprehensive support in intellectual property matters and related fields

    Our specialists in patents, trademarks, and other areas collaborate with one another to support our clients’endeavors.

  2. Support in all fields of science and technology

    We work in all fields of science and technology, from electronics to biotechnology. We place our knowledge at the service of our clients to satisfy their needs where science, technology, and the law intersect.

  3. From the acquisition of rights to litigation

    We work to obtain broad intellectual property rights for our clients, and assist them in asserting and defending these rights.


Mottoes for Our Business

In 1988, SOEI’s mottoes were established to guide our firm through all challenges.

  • Perceive the essence of all matters, and remain loyal to their principles
  • Professional commitment supports high-quality service and earns clients’ trust
  • Self-improvement helps others overcome their disadvantages
  • Incorporate the knowledge of all our people into SOEI’s service
  1. Reasonable Business Methods are Innovative

    We work endlessly for constant improvement. In both business and legal matters, we seek improvement based on sound principles.

  2. Understanding Clients’ Needs is the Key to Success

    Every client and every case has different requirements. To meet our clients’ needs, we believe it essential for us to communicate clearly, talk through matters thoroughly with clients, and become thoroughly familiar with their technology.

  3. A Firm Based on a New Style of Cooperation and Partnership

    SOEI’s structure is organized to take full advantage of all the special talents of each individual. Our cooperative, collaborative style is unique among intellectual property firms in Japan, and enables us to bring the expertise of all our people to bear, to the benefit of each client’s specific needs.

  4. Innovative Organization and Effective Utilization of Information Systems

    Efficiency is the product of organization. The way our personnel are organized brings individuals together such that each person’s ability and experience is maximally utilized to boost the firm’s effectiveness. At SOEI we realize that the degree of accuracy that is critically important to intellectual property activities can be best achieved through harmonious collaboration between our innovative personnel structure and leading edge information systems.

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